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Post Script 1: On Publication

Dear readers,

Yes, I am negotiating the fate of Simon of Space with an actual publisher. If everything proceeds the way we all hope, the manuscript will receive the attention of a professional editor to help me polish up the rough spots and bang out the worst dents. The book will then be re-released with broader distribution and some attempts at real marketing.

A further consequence of the agreement would be that existing versions of the novel would cease to be available.

Thus, for those of you who planned to buy a copy of the current printed edition but have not yet done so, don't procrastinate too long. It may disappear without warning, along with this weblog's archives.

Such is the way the winds of commerce blow.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who troubled to purchase signed copies of the first edition of Simon of Space. Your books are being printed now. Unfortunately, no further orders for signed copies can be accepted at this time as the volume has become unmanageable and I don't have a secretary.

Some Simon of Space stuff is now available through Cafe Press, including shirts, mugs, and a poster. I hope to offer other illustrations as posters in the future...as soon as I get some time to draw I'd love to render a version of the Neago, for instance. But for now it's just the familiar profile of Jeremiah and the slogan of Fellcorp Mercy. Send me your design requests -- all suggestions will be considered.

Announcements relating to the release of the second edition will be posted here on this weblog, along with bits of new Simon of Space-universe content exclusive to the Internet. Stay tuned.


Cheeseburger Brown