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PostScript 6: Beyond Ephemera

Good news, everyone!

Now that we've reached the end of availability for the limited edition Simon of Space hardcover from Ephemera Bound, I'm pleased to announce that the complete novel is now once again accessible via the Web to read for free.

Of course, if squinting at a computer display isn't your 'druthers, a brand new softcover third edition is also on sale now, featuring a freshly edited manuscript and all new cover art.

Simon of Space - a novel by Cheeseburger Brown, all-new third edition

Finally, the highly creative experimental electronica combo Syntax Error has released an overture and complete symphonic suite of incidental music composed to accompany your read. All tracks are available as free MP3 downloads.

If you enjoy supporting independent artists, please buy my book. If you simply enjoy a thrilling, engaging and amusing story, please read it online. If you like to bop while you read, please feel free to download and share the new musical score.

Cheeseburger Brown