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I Hate Moondays

I awoke in a new place, but did not regret the inconsistency. Before I opened my eyes I dreamed half sleeping of Jia's scent on the pillow beside me. When I looked all I could see was the play of shadows from leaf-dappled light swaying on the white ceiling above the bed.

Simon of Space - a science-fiction novel by Cheeseburger Brown
Dear readers,

It's happened finally: the blog version of this science-fiction novel has been taken offline in order to make room for the hard-cover printed edition from Ephemera Bound Publishing, on sale in stores and on-line commencing Valentine's Day, 2008.

I regret any disappointment. I kept the blog version available as long as I could. Do be sure to check out the new edition! See Cheeseburger Brown.com for more information and updates.

Cheeseburger Brown

P.S. You can read more of my free fiction via my weblog or in the complete story achives.


Blogger Niels decreed...

First comment! Hoot! Awesome episode, and well written. I'm intrigued by what that girl was doing under Simon's desk. It seems naughty. :/

I don't trust Olorio at ALL. And no Pish or Jeremiah in this episode?

Wed Jul 27, 06:49:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

I really felt I was there with Simon in that episode. I even feel tired after reading about his hectic day back in the office.

I wonder who that woman was that Omar stopped?

Or whether Olorio really is to be trusted?

Or just why exactly everyone loves Nestor so much?

Wed Jul 27, 07:26:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Dave decreed...

I loved the part with the girl under the desk.. LOL

And... I'm beginning to wonder if Simon himself is the person (can't remember the name) responsible for pulling the trigger of that weapon!

Make the disease, then make the cure! Hmmmmmmm

Wed Jul 27, 08:10:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Pneuma decreed...

That's exactly what I've been thinking since they first mentioned that guy (Volmash). I'd hate to see that, but it all seems earily likely. I'm also hoping that his wife doesn't turn out to be some double agent or something. I mean, if it was all a set-up, how would he know? Perhaps the memory loss was all planned from the beginning as the perfect hiding place for a former tyrant?

Ahh.. it's a bloody great story so far though.

Wed Jul 27, 09:42:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Jim decreed...

"That's right," Olorio confirmed liltingly. "Over eighty percent of the victims affected by the Kamari Horror are medicated by our products, including our newest family of anti-psychotics, designed from the start to address Horror-specific symptomologies."

hmm .... there's a connection. plot-threads begin to intertwine and tighten!

As to the woman: Crushed-Head Faeda? Glory? or Corinthia Tag?

This episode was hilarious! As usual, congratulations CBB!

Wed Jul 27, 09:45:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Pneuma decreed...


All the lizards being in his house remind me of a thing from Proverbs 30 (NASB)

24: Four things are small on the earth, But they are exceedingly wise:
25: The ants are not a strong people, But they prepare their food in the summer;
26: The shephanim are not mighty people, Yet they make their houses in the rocks;
27: The locusts have no king, Yet all of them go out in ranks;
28: The lizard you may grasp with the hands, Yet it is in kings’ palaces.

Just kind of an interesting thing to me...

Wed Jul 27, 09:48:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

A few quick corrections:

Dr. Pol Rettikitan in whose care I mended. Good show, everyone. You do Fellcorp proud."

me living proof of what we've always known

Wed Jul 27, 09:52:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...


I've been handling your recordings for yours, of course. Tap your plate here to grab the text of your speech, won't you?

I've been handling your recordings for YEARS, of course.

Wed Jul 27, 10:09:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

"..."I believe in Fellcorp!" over an anthem that I think I recognized from the background of a nature documentary about crocodiles.

Ha ha this is one of the best lines so far. Simon's intuition is screaming at him...trouble lies ahead!

Wed Jul 27, 10:16:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

I don't like this!!!
It just donesn't seem right to me.

How could Simon have board members and not have met them??

And that girl that omar stopped was it that girl that tried to give Jeremiah away?? Maybe she is trying to cause more proublems???

And what if Siomn is the bad guy??? That would explane his mind loss and why everyone is so excited to see him. Or why Jeremiah is so protective or Pish. Maybe Pish's father knew and told Jeremiah to watch over him.

I resent the fact that Simon's receptionist was under his desk!!!!
but non-the-less quite funny :)
I eagerly await for the next entry

Wed Jul 27, 10:49:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Mike decreed...

Great new plot elements CBB; and beautifully written as ever! Methinks that Olorio is quick to acknowledge Simon because he's intimately familiar with the contents of Simon's diary...

Wed Jul 27, 10:58:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous delirium of disorder decreed...

ok, I officially want to take the day off work and finish reading this story. So thankfully my dealer only serves up fixes in small short lived doses, and I get to stay employed.

There are some stories that you make guesses at right away - they usually only have a few plot twists to unwind. But a story like CBB has served up makes me instead want to sit back and enjoy the ride with eye wide open, taking it all in. While I want to see what's around the bend, I don't want to look ahead and take the chance I miss the beauty right in front of me.

Wed Jul 27, 11:13:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous converted decreed...

[I will be going on vacation to a location where I will not have regular internet access. I sadly anticipate a couple of Simon-free weeks. :( I'll miss him, CBB.]

Wed Jul 27, 11:15:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

Why am I suddenly picturing Monica Lewinski in a red wig?

Another great chapter, CBB. You really are an amazing storyteller.

Wed Jul 27, 01:33:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Garnet decreed...

The room boardroom began to empty.

I assume this was either supposed to be roomy, or the sentence started out as something else.

Wed Jul 27, 03:38:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

rocking back on her heels with an anxious energy at we stopped at the desk.

This sentence does not make sence to me but I can't figure out what it should say??
should it be ...
rocking on her heals with an anxious energy as we stopped at the desk
just wondering???

Wed Jul 27, 04:30:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

Sounds like the Hudsucker Proxy to me


good stuff, thanks


Wed Jul 27, 05:03:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

perhaps "syngery" should be "synergy"?

Wed Jul 27, 09:32:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous sheik yerbouti decreed...

You know -- for the kids!

Since just about everything has already been said here, I'll just add that I don't think the woman at the gate was Crushed-Head Faeda, since someone of her status could certainly communicate with Simon more effectively (though perhaps not easily) if she chose. Then again, if she refused her mind-transplant and ran away like he did, she'd certainly be crazy enough to fit the bill :)

Also, I think it's worth mentioning that I had my first "running away from Jeremiah" nightmare last night. There seemed to be other assassins too, but I distinctly remember seeing a blue and green robot over my shoulder from time to time.

There's so much in these now that I can just picture in a film, including some fantastic passages that -- with the right actor/actress -- could easily result in an Oscar (or Emmy, depending on the format).

Wed Jul 27, 09:34:00 PM EDT  
Blogger X decreed...

CBB - on top of an excelent story, it seems you also have a top notch editing team! No need to pay for an editor when you decide to publish.

This entry raises a lot of questions as to simon's past, which seem to lead to a very different person . . .

It also raises a Bourne Identity-esque sense of "what was I?!?" Perhaps a bit of Ludlum in your writings?

Excelent work. I look forward to the next installment!


Wed Jul 27, 09:42:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

Nestor is P-I-M-P.

Wed Jul 27, 09:53:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous matt decreed...

Hmm, any chance that Mr. Shing is named after the Shing in Ursula K LeGuin's Hainish universe? I can easily associate a tv producer with the Shing who were capable of mind-lying.

For those who haven't read LeGuin's novels containing the Shing, the Shing were capable of lying via telepathy which was thought to be impossible.

Wed Jul 27, 10:08:00 PM EDT  
Blogger indrax decreed...

"lobby two storeys high"
Should be 'stories'

Theory: Jeremiah was somehow affiliated with (or is) Volmash and is still 'loyal', Fellcorp makes medicine that inhibits the effect of the doom cannon. That is why Jeremiah views Simon as an enemy. Perhaps if Fellcorp collapsed, Volmash could complete his conquest.

This is assuming that Nestor wasn't in on the doom cannon plot to begin with.

Antipsychotics? How many of the people we've met were off their meds?

Wait a sec, Olorio has been his friend for 10 years, and the Doom Cannon went off 10 years ago? He's an accountant, what does he know of forbidden maths?

Wed Jul 27, 11:26:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

I wish this was a book so that I could read it all in one sitting.

Thu Jul 28, 12:22:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Sith Snoopy decreed...

This is a really stupid comment, but I am wondering
when they changed his plate thingy (I think of it
as a palm pilot) to register his real name instead
of the one that Duncan set it to?

Great story, as always!

The bird thing gave me the creeps. :P

Thu Jul 28, 02:04:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Irish Wolf decreed...

I think that when Simon finds out who Nestor used to be, he won't like Nestor very much...

Thu Jul 28, 06:53:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Jillster decreed...

What a hoot -- I'm sure the girl was underneath the desk because that's where she thought "Nestor" would expect her to be!

Yatti Olorio -- in Spanish, "olor" means odor...and to Simon, something really stinks about him!

I keep thinking about Crushed Head Faeda and her mind crystal. Surely someone as rich and important as Nestor Simonithrait Fell also has a "backup copy" of his mind somewhere. And if it's not being offered to him...it's because someone doesn't want him to remember something.

I figure his amnesia was not the result of a gate accident...someone at Fellcorp wanted his mind erased, and then placed him in the Fellcorp hospital to "recover."

Thu Jul 28, 08:23:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous decreed...

Hi Again CBB, I didn't get to read this episode until just now. Just one correction for you today:

I walked over the push the door shut,

is surely:
I walked over to push the door shut,


Brilliant episode as always :)



Fri Jul 29, 08:44:00 PM EDT  
Blogger razorsmile decreed...

The girl under the desk was definitely there for some R-rated activity!

As for the one stopped at the gate, dollars to naira it's Glory.

Calm after the calm before the storm ...

Sun Jul 31, 06:29:00 PM EDT  

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