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Post Script 3: Revisions Rendered

Hi friends. You know me. I'm your befuddled typographic host, Cheeseburger Brown.

A lot has happened over the course of the past year, including but not limited to the birth and subsequent colic of a second child, starting a new job at a bigger studio, an exciting lawsuit over water drainage, the launch of a new storytelling blog, and a load of tribulations automotive, fiscal and familial. Whee!

Despite all that hooplah, I've finally managed to finish revising the manuscript of Simon of Space for the publication of the second edition. Just moments ago I sent off the last attachments to my cheerful and charming editor, Marsha Rogers. I wish her good luck and godspeed in sorting my muck of tweaks back into a coherent novel.

I just thought you might appreciate an update. Publication details will follow as they're made available to me. Stay vaguely tuned.


Blogger gl. decreed...

hooRAY! thanks for the update!

Fri Dec 29, 12:38:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Denim decreed...

Thanks for keeping us informed. I;m glad you'll finally get a chance to see your work pay off.

Thu Jan 25, 10:34:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Pish decreed...

Glad to hear a second edition is indeed still in the works! SoS is the best thing I've read in recent memory. I love your work CBB, keep it up!

Thu Jan 25, 11:36:00 PM EST  

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